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Using the letter bar, please click on the first letter of the name of the manufacturer of your pattern (if you don't know, click here for ID help). Start browsing our huge selection of over 400,000 patterns!

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Most Popular "A" Silver Manufacturers

All "A" Silver Manufacturers

Manufacturer Product Type
111 State Flatware Silver
1834 J Russell & Co Silver
1865 H Sears & Son Silver
1890 Jennings Bros Silver
3 Plus Silver
A & C Feldenheimer Silver
A & G Burrows Silver
A A Webster Co Silver
A B Grisnold & Co Silver
A B Griswold & Co Silver
A Beach Silver
A Bonebakker & Son Silver
A Brown & Son Silver
A C Franke Silver
A D Norton Silver
A Dunn Silver
A E Sterling (Mexico Silver
A F Froeb & Co Silver
A Fleron Silver
A G Carlberg Silver
A Golovin Silver
A Howell Co Inc Silver
A J Winters & Co Silver
A Jacobi Silver
A Manifold Silver Silver
A Mchenry & Co Silver
A Michelsen Silver
A Michelsen-See Mih Silver
A Newsalt Silver
A Pasch&Co Silver
A Riviere Silver
A Rumrill & Co Silver
A Steffanoni Co Silver
A Stockem Silver
A Stowell & Co Silver
A Tischler Silver
A. A. Henderson Silver
A. Hanford Silver
A. J. Jordan Silver
A. Knauer Silver
A. Ledig & Son Silver
A. Pitts Silver
A. R. Justice Co. Silver
A. S. Carlsen Silver
A. Scharning (Norway Silver
A.G. Schultz & Co Silver
A.M. Soffel Co Silver
Aaron Hadfield Silver
Abbey Silver
Abc Valueline Silver
Abco Stainless Silver
Abco Tableware Silver
Abel Moulton Silver
Abel Stowell Silver
Abert's Products Silver
Abigails Silver Silver
Abijah B. Warden Silver
Abijah Felch Burbank Silver
Abraham Fellows Silver
Abraham Skinner Silver
Abraham Voorhees Silver
Abs Stainless Silver
Absa Flatware Silver
Academy Silver Silver
Accord Silver
Achievement(See Ohs) Silver
Acme Silver Company Silver
Acme Silverplate Co Silver
Acsa Silver Company Silver
Acsons Flatware Silver
Adams & Farnsworth Silver
Adams Chandler & Co Silver
Adams Mfg (See Ohs) Silver
Adams Price & Co Silver
Adams Silver(See Tws) Silver
Adcraft Silver
Addison Bros Silver
Adelphi Silver
Adey Bellamy Savory Silver
Adie & Lovekin Ltd Silver
Adie Brothers, Ltd. Silver
Admiration Products Silver
Adolph Scott Silver
Adolph Tischler Silver
Adra Silver
Ae Warner (See Anw) Silver
Af Silver (See Waf) Silver
Af Towle/Son-See Lus Silver
Agra Silver
Ai Coin Silver Co Silver
Aida Flatware Silver
Aiken & Coon Silver
Ajax Silverplate Silver
Aladdin Silver-Ins Silver
Aladdin Silver-See Ins Silver
Alain Saint-Joanis Silver
Alan Lee Collection Silver
Alaska Silver
Albert Abrecht Silver
Albert Beardshaw&Co Silver
Albert Coles & Co Silver
Albert Hernu Silver
Albert Maus Silver
Albert Pick Co Inc Silver
Albert Smyth Co. Inc Silver
Alco Industries Silver Silver
Alden Brothers Silver
Alessi Silver
Alex D Munn Silver Silver
Alexander Cameron Silver
Alexander Clark Co Silver
Alexander Henderson Silver
Alexander Kerr Silver
Alexander Kordes Silver
Alexander S Gordon Silver
Alexander Sturm Silver
Alfi Silverplate Silver
Alfred Bromet & Co Silver
Alfred Cannon Silver
Alfred Field & Co Silver
Alfred J Evans Silver
Alfred Zanger & Co Silver
Alfred-Hammesfahe Silver
Alfredo Sciarrotta Silver
All-Clad Silver
Allamerican(See Ohs) Silver
Allan Adler Silver Silver
Allegheny Metal-Rfl Silver
Allegheny Stainless Silver
Allen & Darwin Silver
Allen Parker Silver
Alpaca Silver Silver
Alpadur Silver
Alpha Plate (See Ohs Silver
Alpheus X. F.Shepard Silver
Alphonse Debain Silver
Alt-Heidelberg Silver Silver
Altemont Silver
Altosil Silver
Alvah Skinner Silver
Alvin Silver Silver
Am Sturle Silver
Ambassador Silver
Ambiance Flatware Silver
Amboss Silver
Amc Silver
Amc Stainless Silver
Amcraft Flatware Silver
Amcrest Flatware Silver
Amefa Silver Silver
Ameico Inc Silver
Amere Flatware Silver
American (See Ins) Silver
American Coll Guild Silver
American Cutlery Co Silver
American Living Fl Silver
American Silver(Ins) Silver
American Sterling Silver
Americana Products Silver
Americana Silvertone Silver
Americana Star (Ins) Silver
Americanna Silver
Americraft (See Gs) Silver
Amherst Pewter Silver
Amil Silver
Amos & Eben Cutler Silver
Amos Pewter Silver
Amos Sanborn Silver
Amsilco (See Wof) Silver
Amston Silver Silver
Anacapa Forge Silver
Anchor Hocking-Flatware Silver
Anchor Silverplate Silver
Andover Silveplate Silver
Andre Aucoc Silver
Andrea Silver Silver
Andrei S Bragin Silver
Andrew C. Benedict Silver
Andrew Taylor Silver
Andrew Warner Silver
Angela Cummings Silver
Anglers Expressions Silver
Angora Silverplate Silver
Anna Weatherley Silver Silver
Anne Barros Silver
Anthropologie Silver Silver
Antiko Silver
Anton Mathauer Silver
Anton Wingen, Jr Silver
Antonio Braganti Silver
Ap Vargarda Silver
Apollo Silver
Aquinas Locke Pewter Silver
Arabia Design (*Tws) Silver
Argent Silver
Argent Orfevres Silver
Argenta-Bestecke Silver
Argentum Silver Silver
Arion (Ins) Silver
Aristocrat Silverplt Silver
Ariston Silvermsiths Silver
Arlington Silver
Armack Silver
Armand Frenais Silver
Armco Silver
Army&Navy Cooperativ Silver
Arnbee Silver
Arne Jacobsen Silver
Arotan Silver
Arrowsmith Silver Co Silver
Arshia Flatware Silver
Art & Cuisine Silver
Art And Cuisine Silver
Art First Flatware Silver
Art Silver Co Silver
Artac Silver
Artcraft Silversmith Silver
Arte Italica Silver
Artemas O. Fairchild Silver
Artful Wares Silver
Arthur & Bond Silver
Arthur A. Everts Co Silver
Arthur Court Silver
Arthur Krupp Flatware Silver
Arthur Price Silver Silver
Arthur Salm Flatware Silver
Arthur Stuart (Ass) Silver
Arthur Wallenhorst Silver
Artimino Silver Silver
Artisanware Silver Silver
Artistry (See Ohs) Silver
Artland Metalware Silver
Asa Munger Silver
Ashanti Silver
Ashberry Silver
Asso British Pewter Silver
Associated Silver Silver
Astra Silver
At Home By O Silver
Atal Silver
Atkin Brothers Silver
Atkin Brothers, Ltd Silver
Atkinson Brothers Silver
Atla Silver
Atlas Silver Co. Silver
Atlas Stainless Silver
Auerhahn Silver
Aureate (See Ohs) Silver
Aurora Silver Silver
Avon Silverplate (See Ins) Silver
Axe&Wright, Ltd Silver
Azco Ltd Silver

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