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Most Popular "R" Silver Manufacturers

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Rogers & Hamilton (See Intl Silver) Rogers & Wood Rogers (See Intl Silver) Rogers Bros 1847 (See Intl Silver) Rogers Co (See Stanley Roberts) Rogers Cutlery (See Intl Silver) Rogers Lunt & Bowlen (See Lunt) Rogers Smith Rogers, 1881 (See Oneida) Rogers, C (See Intl Silver) Rogers, FB -Crown (See National) Rogers, John Rogers, RF (See Intl Silver) Rogers, Simeon (See Oneida) Rogers, SL & GH (See Oneida) Rogers, Smith & Co (See Intl Silver) Rogers, Wm & Sons (See Intl Silver) Rogers, Wm (See Intl Silver) Rogers, Wm -Eagle (See Intl Silver) Rogers, Wm A (See Oneida) Rogers, Wm Mfg (See Intl Silver) Rogers, Wm Mfg 1865 (See Intl Silver) Rogers-Anchor (See Intl Silver) Rogers-Insilco (See Intl Silver) Rolf Schnittert Roma-Spain Romulo Ruffini & Cia Ron Marotto Flatware Ronson Lighters Room Essentials Root & Chaffee Rosanna Rosebud Rosendahl Rosenthal Rosko Roslyn Silver Corp Ross Simons Rossdeutscher & Reisig Rostex Roswell H Bailey Rowell & Hutchinson Rowland Ward Ltd Royal (Flatware) Royal (France) Royal Albert Royal Brand Royal Copenhagen Royal Crest Royal Dolphin Royal Doulton Royal Family Royal Gallery Royal Heritage Royal Holland Royal Household Royal Manufacturing Royal Norfolk Royal Plate Royal Prestige (See Oneida) Royal Prestige Silvr Royal Rochester Silv Royal Saxony (See International Silver) Royal Sealy Royal Selangor Pewter Royal Sheffield Royal Vienna Royal Worcester Flatware (See Worcester Silver) Royale Group (See Reed & Barton) Royalton RS Mfg (See Oneida) RSVP Flatware Rufus Farnam Ryrie Brothers